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Very good

Very good

Halt OneDrive

Bonjour Microsoft, L AppStore Allemand nest pas lAppStore Francais... Pouvez vous parler Allemand, svp.? -> Stichwort Changelog

Fullfills all needs

Very good app, sure there are a view inconvenient things about it when you are not a hardcore office user, but as a casual date or cloud service app its a pretty good application Microsoft created here.

why you no work???

Since couple if days it would not synchronize. only thing I see is a massage: setting things up. at least the app icon is appealing blue (sry sarcasm) I miss dropbox. it was so much better

Buggy and featureless c.rap!

Buggy and featureless c.rap! Still no way to make folders offline! Ridiculous! New scan function is totaly useless, no way to scan multiple pages!

Option to disable automatic album creation

While OneDrive is an awesome app for photo and file backup, I do not like automatic album creation. Not everyone wants photos to organised on their behalf. Nor do they like being notified of albums being created. Its not a handy feature for me personally, but not having the option to turn it off is even more annoying. Fix this.

Excellent storage

Being able to save so much space by storing photos and videos here is great. I also really appreciate the off line feature so that I can view materials when away from home. And the amount of free storage is generous. PLEASED!

Downloading buggy

Download files (after several attempts) for offline use only to find out that even when it says theyre downloaded theyre actually not

Some1 find a better backup app

Very displeased, taken over 6 hours to transfer 30 photos and one video. No wonder you have a "Shake device for feedback" option, because everyone must get so frustrated with this slow app. Save your time, find another backup app.

5X1TB storage for 90 BUX... and all the programz to boot!

Does not get better...

New version crashes

Crashes especially when offline despite saving files to my iPad. Really frustrating because it was working perfectly before I updated.

Seemless synchronization

Loving OneDrive and the app right now. So handy and simple to access all my files anywhere.

Onedive to the rescue

One dive has saved all my pics, files,documents and data when my laptop crashed. Saved me big time

Work well except...

This app works very well, but does not deal at all well with plain text files created on my Windows desktop. Go figure! Text files created elsewhere can be opened and information copied. Those files cannot be edited and the app wont allow creation of text files. You can create Word, Excel or Powerpoint files, but not text files. My opinion: WTF!?

Working good

No problem right now

Stopped working after IOS 10 upgrade

Ever since upgrading to IOS 10.0.1 and 10.0.2, the splash screen appears for several seconds and the app disappears behind the home screen. Attempt to switch back to the app dose not work. Impossible to open the app. Have removed and reinstalled every version since and still not fixed. Still crashed on start banner screen after latest update.


This app works great but with some new updates, when archiving or deleting mails, it takes a sec or two to archive.

Good but can be better

Big 1T storage space for office subscription. But loading takes too long. Upload speed is also not fast.

Giggity garbage

Absolute garbage...impossible to use and when you import anything it messes up the formats. And you cant fix anything.

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