Microsoft OneDrive App Reviews

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Writing a thesis. Everything is now always up to date between all my devices. Nice! And easy to use.

Can we manage.mp3s???

I love onedrive as part of office 365, but Id dearly love to create playlists from albums I upload to Onedrive and put in folders. Come on, Microsoft, tell Apple to go to Hell and allow me to create playlists from files I download to my iphone. Itunes is junk.

So far, so good

After having memory space problems with Dropbox, I decided to test out OneDrive. It does have a "clear cache" button. Hurrah! OneDrive does not yet sync with Notes Plus, so I will wait for that before making a final decision to switch. Continued testing OneDrive. I uploaded a few of my albums. Suddenly the album art starts showing up in my photo uploads. Apparently there is no way to way to prevent this. This flaw makes the app unusable, and so I have changed my rating of it.

Nice doc scanning and markup ability

Nice features with the addition of ms lens. The iPhone is getting more and more useful for windows users

Iphone 5s



Upload is too slow but if you have time, enjoy it!


App works fine but Space in cloud gets smaller without giving a reason.


1 - Part of my files are not shown in the app. 2 - When listening to audio stream - the app hangs.

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Shame of You I almost to by new lumia with windows 10. Nokia means quality, responsibility and frankly business as I remember. Sad to say but from Microsoft reminds micro only. That all truth about one drive. Farewell microns.

Good cloud

Good cloud, theres no rain from it.

Great App

Stabile, intuitive app. Way better then google drive I have used previously


One of the best backup and online free storage

Photo syncing is poor ,

Long way to match GDrive or Dropbox.

Useless for me

Doesnt show the entire filename. Useless... I have a lot of diferent files with similar filenames... So, if I cant read the entire filename, I wont be able to identify wich ones I want to use

Getting worse with each "upgrade"

I really like the idea and price for OneDrive. Ive invested a lot of time and effort in using OneDrive so I keep hoping and expecting that OneDrive will actually fix sync issues. Unfortunately it just seems to be getting worse. I have ended up with thousands of duplicates. Uploads for one day may include 7 copies of one photo, 2 of four or five photos and the rest will be just one copy. I have absolute no confidence anymore that the uploads include everything. And what it does upload takes forever.


OneDrive was already an awesome app and it just got better. - New scanning feature allows me to remove an extra app from my phone and no need to pay for scanning anymore. - Camera roll upload is great considering iCloud comes with only 5GB. - Super smooth browsing through files, office doc preview etc. are noteworthy. Thanks a lot Devs.

Thanks for bringing back full screen offline viewing when opening files on the "Me" tab!


Pretty good, with Office for iOS almost perfect

For less than a cup of coffee per day you can have office on three computers and iOS devices and 1TB of OneDriver storage space for each. I would prefer the SharePoint style of tagging instead of the directory approach to One Drive, but all in all a great set of services to keep you productive when away from the work computer

Moving pictures

Having success moving pictures around!!

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