Microsoft OneDrive App Reviews

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No option to download

No download to be found. It should be in your face like the sunset blinding your eyes. The website has it!

Works for Me!

This app saves me so much time. I can do everything I need to do from the car, the couch, or my desk at work. I do event planning for my chorus and this app makes sending all my docs so easy.

Better than google drive

Provides higher capacity and performance.


The app works too slow. The transfer rate is slow on any wifi network

Best cloud service/app

Its only getting better, thanks to the constant improvements! Well integrated app and works well with their office apps. Though i wish they had a service for $.99 a month, not all of us need a large storage.

High Quality Interface

Just whats needed to communicate & synch between iPhone & OneDrive. Takes some getting used but indispensable for connectivity.

OneDrive App

I love this App. All my pictures from my phones and iPads are automatically backed up. I go into OneDrive several times a week to organize them!

MS as it best.

Reducing the storage.

Im losing 130GB to 5GB

I really hate Microsoft cuz im loosing my storage 130GB. I absolutely loved this app but Im not using it anymore.

Best Ive found.

This was the first drive of its kind that I ever signed up for. Long before I ever had a smartphone or tablet. Just seemed like a good idea at the time. I never really used it much till recently when my other cloud space started to fill up. So I downloaded this app and all my stuff is still right there is the drive just like I left it years ago. Ive tried every major storage app out there and this is by far the best bang for your buck. Super user friendly. Plenty of free storage before they require an upgrade. It is really not the prettiest bell at the ball. But who cares? You get everything you need and more if you want. Just cant beat it. No headaches, no credit card info, no requirement to upload your contacts, just storage for my data. Havent found one functionally better or easier to use. You wont be disappointed.

Share extension?! You guys rock!

Finally! 10/10

Responsive design issue.

I think developers havent tested on all the different size devices. Its not taking full screen on iPhone 6.

Reduce app size

The app is unnecessary big. 100 MB!?!?

04/26/2016 Update fails to launch after update.

04/26/2016 Update fails to launch after update on iPhone 6s Plus, 6 Plus, 5s, and 5c; plus my iPad Air 2; and many versions of iPad Minis...

The dern thing wont show any files

It just spins and spins never showing anything I saved to the cloud at all. When I look at the settings it does he same thing. Microsoft is better than this.

Microsoft is getting greedy

App is good But Microsoft is getting greedy. Used to be 15GB but in July, you will only get 5GB and you will lose the extra storage for using camera backup. Plans are $2/month for 50GB meanwhile Google is $2/month for 100GB and still get 15GB free. Bye bye OneDrive.

Onedrive app

I love the app got everything the I need especially the app lock the should do the same for Outlook. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Thank you for making continuous voiceover improvement helping blind users

People who are blind use voiceover to access an iPhone.I have had increasingly positive feelings towards Microsoft is the continually improve their excess ability. This app is becoming very nice to use thank you very much.

Please fix this problem

I love this app but this has become a real problem. When I am working from my iPad Pro 9.7 and try to add an attachment from one drive to an email I am working on, only half the screen show in the one drive so I am unable to view all of the files. I can send a picture to further explain the problem.

Great offline cloud drive and app

Works for me and goes anywhere I need it.

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