Microsoft OneDrive App revisa


Tres bien



Muito funcional


Cada vez melhor


O melhor



Ç a l ı ş m ı y o r ! ! !

Uygulama çalışmıyor

Super !!

App bardzo fajna


Na iPad działa super!



Super awesome


Wish I could make use of my plan(s)

I have two separate tillabite accounts I'm paying for. I have forgotten my password and cannot access my first of the 2 accounts I'm paying $9.99 and never have had access to 365! I have a new account again with the same plan, However post my initial payment of $6.99 Per month, I can't get signed in with the accurate data? I'm using Google Drive and ICloud because Microsoft offers Nothing post my record of payment for the latter of the 2 accounts. This is ridiculous and I'm vexed over having my storage here and there! I have an online jewelry store and need access to all my Photos, I'd also like to move data from one account to another with a simple Password reset. Hence I don't need 2 accounts both without 365? Good Luck to you if you use this paid service. 💵💵💵!!!

Syncing PC word documents with iPhone

Why have you made it so hard to sync Word documents on my PC with my iPhone? It’s ridiculous. I have no way to work on my documents when I’m away from my PC.

Works nice & it’s great to have all my documents with me!

One of the best apps for productivity!

Good but ...

Would love to see full Files integration.

Fantastic Cloud Service

I couldn’t be happier with it.

Flexible for All

Personal or business OneDrive has me covered.

Getting to Know One-Drive

So far I really like it. I have to be careful with my nomenclature and filing system but that is on me

App is phenomenal

I love this app and I love Microsoft products. Props for Microsoft making this amazing app.

Reviewed for photos only

Other than the fact it didn't crash during use, Microsoft's approach to providing photos functionality is, well, what I expected. They just don't get it. I didn't think anyone could get it worst than Google but MS has. The issue, it's one photo at a time. Want to make an album with 100 images in it, find your 100 images and start tapping your finger on the screen at least 100 times. The "AI" tags are worst than Apple or Google's. All are useless, MS's the worst. I have short ribs auto tagged as fries, snails tagged as rocks, snails also tagged as outdoor, a salami tagged as indoor, etc. I do wish Apple, Google and MS would stop this nonsense. Faces are executed poorly enough, I have wrenches and clothes showing up as selfies in iOS Photo's, Google is "AI" tagging is hilarious. Please guys, we get the fact you can't do any of this rubbish you cram down our throat -- STOP. MS is your typical date order sort. Like Google and Apple. And like exactly what people are complaining about all over the web. Either we don't understand we're stupid or the big boys can't no longer provide functionality they could provide over 20 years ago. Photo's are dumped into one big pile, all names changed to nothing you will recognize but, in date order. So if you're trying to compile a few albums, good luck even finding a few of the pics you want. There's no uploading to a specific album. It's dump them in the pile and then compile an album. I must really be stupid, this isn't the way I'd approach this functionality. Nor would Adobe. Who, last I heard, has some experience with photography. Nor did Apple until Steve departed. I guess he was just as dumb as we are -- in the eyes of Apple, Google and MS. My journey was to replace Apple Photo's with a product that allowed albums to be sorted by something other than the last pic moved into an album. Tried Google, it's even more limited. Tried MS, it's very poorly executed by people who know nothing about photography or the simple execution steps needed to compile some on-line photo albums. And have no inclination to ask someone who does. All these folks are following what Yahoo! did for years as it destroyed its business. Grab your popcorn now.

Photo organizing needs work

There is very little flexibility in organizing and viewing photo albums and no way to tell what photos have been put in an album and which ones still remain uncategorized into an album. I would love to be able to sort photos not in an album from those that are so I can easily chip away at organizing them.



Great app


Saving Photos

Whenever I try to save videos/photos to my camera role on my phone it says it’s having problems so I try it an hour later and the same thing happens plz fix this


Great app! Dependable and well designed.

Is this a joke?

It's been half a year since we were promised OneDrive integration with the Files app. Every other cloud storage provider offers this feature. Microsoft has dropped the ball. Again.


It told me to enable it what do u mean???? O n iMessage like bruh

Still no iOS Files Integration

I’m still baffled by the lack of iOS Files app integration. I pay for a family subscription to Office 365. My company pays for a corporate subscription to Office 365. Yet these excellent iOS Office apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) are still crippled by an inferior OneDrive cloud file system. I pay nothing for my DropBox and Google Drive accounts, but I DO have the Files integration with both of those services.


Wish it updated evetytime

Sharepoint not available when saving

This app does most of what I want it to do with Onedrive for business, but I also use Sharepoint, and I can indeed access Sharepoint files from the app. Unfortunately, I cannot figure out how to upload images and videos to the Sharepoint site from my iPhone. When I select the image, the onedrive icon comes up, but when I click it, the only option is to save the file to the regular onedrive for business location, and not to the Sharepoint site. I end up having to save it to onedrive for business folder first, and then later going on and manually moving the files over to Sharepoint. If there is a solution to this, I’ll gladly change my star rating.


رجعنا تحميل التطبيق بعد تحديث الهاتف يرجعى استعادة ملفاتي جمعها والصر على هذا الهاتف والحاسوب المرتبط به

Doesn’t show all files!!!

Suddenly app does show all my files. Only OneDrive accessed through full website version show all files. Very aggravating. I need to be mobile and have access to client files.

Serious Security Flaw In Sharing Function

Still no explanation forthcoming from MS regarding the ability of a recipient of a shared folder to browse to the root folder and all its subfolders with no such permissions granted to anyone. To me, an attorney, this is a serious flaw that should be explained; yet, no explanation has been attempted. I immediately reported this problem on June 2, 2017 under trouble ticket #30099-899383. I provided the following comment at that time. I had a security issue last night. I'm in zip code 35405, and the time I discovered the problem was about 10:30 PM on June 1, 2017. Below is a short narrative regarding the issue. I created a link to one of my OneDrive folders. That folder was a subfolder of a subfolder of a subfolder of my root folder. I texted that link to a person who reported to me their being unable to access the folder with the link. I have an iPhone 6 and the recipient also has an iPhone - either a 4 or 5. Upon receiving their report, I checked the link on a friend's phone, a Samsung Galaxy, and discovered that they were able to navigate and access every folder and subfolder in my OneDrive. I asked to borrow their laptop, and confirmed the identical access capability on this laptop. I have never shared my password with anyone. I was also able to reproduce the problem on a spare laptop of mine. I removed all permissions from every folder and file I ever created, and now The problem appears to be fixed. Is there a process to ensure this same problem does not reoccur? I am an attorney, and I have to be able to explain to my state's bar association this incident; so, any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated.

Sync lags

Would be great if the app could automatically sync like the desktop version. Because it doesn’t, accessing files via OneDrive is almost impossible as files/folders uploaded recently are not even listed! No surprise - brought to you by the same company whose, “iPod killer” was brown.

Better than what was expected

I use my iPad and Apple Pencil for studying and research. OneDrive is a great software that makes the maximum use of hardware and gives you the best experience. It is full of very useful features and the experience of hand writing is amazing. Thank you Microsoft. I hope you keep updating the app with more features and enhancements

SSO fail

Good luck trying to log in again with your Azure AD account after a password change

Great App


Almost there

You are doing a great job with this app, I just want to see a smarter photo manager feature just like the google photos app, something more user friendly to upload and manage photos and videos. Everything else is working just fine.


It’s glitchy and weird like most Microsoft products, but it does what it’s supposed to do. My biggest complaint by far is that when you view a file from search results and then hit the back arrow it doesn’t take you back to the search results. You have to start all over again which is seriously annoying.

Almost great, Airdrop support is poor

I love my OneDrive. But it’s frustrating trying to use it with AirDrop. Sometimes I don’t want to send a link, just send a copy of the file. This should not be so hard. When you AirDrop, it sends a OneDrive link and you need to cut and paste it into Safari. If you send multiple files it creates a zip, but doesn’t let you open the zip file.


I use to download to my phone and then I could share that to Facebook and Instagram but now I can’t because an error. This is a big problem in my work flow that I’m not happy about.

Use Google Drive instead

This app used to be one of my favorites but is absolutely ridiculous now. They don’t understand personal security at all. I have multiple accounts on here, because of how much less memory they give in the free version than they used to. When I try to sign in on my account, they prompt me with a message saying “Oops someone is trying to access your account.” Yeah, I am. T They then make you go through the tedious process of verifying my email, typing in a code, and resetting my password to something different. Even though again, the person trying to access my account was me. Even after all of this, they lock you out of your account, promoting you to call the Microsoft team. Because you know, a hacker or terrorist is definitely trying to access my wedding photos. This has happened multiple times and has made me unable to access any of my photos. It seems that security is more important to them than customer support. Honestly, do yourself a favor and just use Google Drive. If I did that in the first place, I might be able to access my photos.

Usable but inconvenient.

Some good features, but sloppy integration with files app on the iPad and other UI hassles such as no drag and drop for file uploads, not being able to upload multiple files simultaneously, and others. This app works but it is hard to love. It seems like Microsoft isn’t really interested in optimizing this for the iPad on iOS 11.

Better MS, No files app integration

MS still hasn’t put together any useful files app integration. Would be really helpful given they ask us to use their storage solutions in all their apps.

Need multi device support for mobile camera upload

Need multi device support for mobile camera upload

Works as expected

Revised my previous review and rating. Now works as expected

Background sync still broken

I have an iPhone 8 and my wife has a SE and for both of us the app doesn’t sync in the background. Tech support can’t figure it out and won’t escalate to the dev team.

Delete file at a time...really?

Delete file at a time...really? Now and then, when people delete stuff...we REALLY want it gone...ya think?

No Files App Support

Hard to give a five-star rating when it’s a file management app that still lacks integration with the Files App. I hate when apps don’t act as good first-class citizens on their OS. Otherwise fine if you have to use it for work like me.

It Takes a While to Save Videos

I use this app to transfer videos I make from Xbox to here from upload studio, so I save them on here so I can go to iMovie and then save that video and then I go to YouTube and post the video. When I save it on OneDrive, it takes a while to save the video. I have to keep pressing the save button and checking my camera roll until it saves. The process takes 2 minutes, which is way too long. The app is still helpful, but if you could fix that, it would be amazing.

File sharing

I have been using One drive for business with 12 of my employees. It works great for all devises. These are outside reps that need to view and edit shared files. The one continual problem is that One Drive allows multiple people to edit a file at the same time. When one users closes the app, the system doesn’t know what to save, do it creates a second file. Now, I have multiple files with different info. This system should work the same as other Microsoft apps, where when a file is open, no other set can edit. It opens as a read only file until the other user is finished. Great app, but this is killing it!!

MS behind the pack again

Share sheet need to be able to rename files before saving!!! OneDrive last to add this. STILL no iOS11 files app integration months later; LAST of the bunch now.


I love it!

~3 years and still no live photo support

Works great for syncing photos between my wife and I, but without live photo support, I cannot help but think I'm potentially losing a lot of memories without double-dipping with iCloud as well.

Add iOS 11 Files app support

Now that I love using the app extension for uploading pictures, I really wish you can add support for iOS 11 files app with its document provider.


It’s great for Xbox one youtube vids

Live photo support

We need live photo support

Cannot upload multiple video successfully

As title and I tried to upload those video files to Box and Google drive, no issue. In addition, after uploading video, some cannot be played directly, but Box and Google drive, no issue.

Select All in the recycle bin

Want to see a “select all” attribute in the recycle bin from the iOS app please. Also to import signatures from outlook. This is taking forever!


Don't bother downloading anything other than pictures because there is ZERO indication that you are downloading something and absolutely no way to check on the progress of the download. Which is like... Basic functionality.

Can’t live without it. I use it every day.

Can’t live without it. I use it every day.

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