Microsoft OneDrive App revisa


Tres bien



Muito funcional


Cada vez melhor


O melhor



Ç a l ı ş m ı y o r ! ! !

Uygulama çalışmıyor

Super !!

App bardzo fajna


Na iPad działa super!



Super awesome



Well done Microsoft. From my iPad to my iPhone to my pc at home and at school, OneDrive works perfectly. Yay cloud.

There is no option for star or flag files

There is no option for star or flag files

Love Love Love MSOD app ! ! !

What on earth would I possibly due without my MSOD app? I WOULD be lost! I use it all the time! I own my own business so when i am sending files it makes it easy to convert files to pdf, word, etc.. and is easy to open the document in another app (like PDFfiller if I want to fax the document or something like that.) convenient and easy to use. They offer a ton of support if you need it. I have only two (smallish) complaints: 1.) when i am working on a document that i had uploaded to MSOD, & if i exit and then come back to it later to continue editing, the FONT will change from what i previously picked before-to-HELVITICA font. Then, i have to RE-EDIT the formatting for ALL the different sections that i had put any text in my document. Which is really odd & very annoying! 2.) when i am working on my document it will often just close out & any editing i had done will NOT saved, so if i was writing something and it just closed out, then everything that i had just done, would be LOST! It could be something in my settings for issue #1? But idk. Also my app is up to date. I use a iPad 5th Gen.

Updates on iPhone but not laptop

Drive installed on laptop not updating anymore

It helps me a lot in YouTube

It helps me get my clips and upload them on YouTube which is really helpful the app is amazing 😀😀😀😀😀😀

Never been happier!

I feel safe my pictures and documents are in a safe place. Very easy to retrieve. Couldn’t be happier! Thank you!


Great user interface, easy to use. Full featured

An “F-“

The last version still misses photos during backup. Not, the app puts them in different folders. The developers don’t have a clue on what they are doing! I put google app on my phone and it works. I’m close to giving up on Microsoft!

Thought this was great yrs ago when it was free

Is it my Imagimation or is This getting Worse with each Update. Why does One Drive not Upload as DROPBOX DOES? INSTANTANEOUSLY. Why do we need to open the App to wait forever for it to down load just A Couple Images? Seriously. And is this not a way to "Store" our Images? Is this taking up a ton of space on my iPad? My Patience is Wearing. And I've Got A Lot.


After the latest update it keeps crashing. It opens and I can’t see anything and then boom - it crashes.


Al momento de descargar un archivo o una foto, la descarga es lenta. Deberían por favor mejorar eso un poco. Tal vez dependa del internet de mi trabajo. De todos modos bien trabajo.

Saving Files

It is okay I just am not able to save attachments directly to my synced one drive from my SharePoint online. If there is an easy way to do this I do not know how.

Doesn’t Sync

I have an iPhone and my OneDrive files do not sync with my app. What’s the point?!

Sync sunk

Seems like a good idea to have remote file access. Unfortunately, after months of working with help desk, file sync simply cannot be relied upon to sync consistently and correctly. I invested many hours trying to rectify, but to no avail. Hope to have it work correctly one day.

Love the app

Been using it for years . I back up my whole laptop and desktop to it. It’s great for storage and easy use for remote access to all your files anywhere any time on a phone or other computer away from home. It’s the best cloud drive . I can even download movies and watch them any any device. Long time user.


It’s a good app but it’s confusing to find what you’re looking for


I used to rely on this app to do work across my Mac, iPad, and iPhone. Recently the syncing has become completely unreliable. Some files randomly don’t show up on devices, while others do. I just paid for another year, and now I’m not sure what I’m paying for since I can’t rely on this to save my files and accomplish my work. Update: the files are there, they’re just not visible when browsing folders in the OneDrive app. I can find them if I search for them or if I try to open them through another app, such as PowerPoint. I’ve tried all of the troubleshooting items on MS’s website, and that didn’t fix anything, but it did lead me to discover this ‘workaround’. Terrible and seemingly obvious bug that needs to be fixed ASAP.

Add “pause sync”

Please and pause sync function.

Very convenient

I just switched to iPhone from Android and am very happy OneDrive works here so well. It lets me keep everything in sync across platforms.

Simplemente Exelente

Simplemente Exelente

Great App , Easy To Use

I love this app. It is so easy to use. Their button is always there to store PDFs Pics, Doc's what ever you need stored. Tons of space and easy to use folder creating program. You can always find what you're looking for . Just 5 Star for me.

Doesn’t quite sync across devices.

After a year, saving to onedrive on one computer may not be available on another through the offline app. Online can access, but there is done problem - unresolved- about where on each computer onedrive is stored, and this is not easy to fix because you need a person in each computer to check.

Pretty Cool App

Pretty Cool App

It Just Works!

I never write reviews... in fact I’m on a deadline and shouldn’t be bothered. However, this App has saved me many times with file access and I can always rely on it .. like right now... under a big deadline, I know once I save my videos to OneDrive, I can safely walk out the door knowing I’ll have access to it for sharing in just moments. Thanks!!!

Upload files from OneDrive to ms team Chanel

1. Objective : upload or copy files from one drive to ms team channel files location I found in Android but IOS unable to connect OneDrive Use Sites option of one drive Pls advise

Genial 👌🏻

Quisiera que la carga de archivos fuera mucho más rápida, pero fuera de eso, un fiel competidor de Dropbox por excelencia 👌🏻😍

Scan Feature

Why can’t I have access to my camera roll when I engage the Scan feature? I will often take a picture of a document that I want to convert and I cannot do it with OneDrive.

Love the app have been using for years...

Latest update downloads, but won’t save to device... not a size or space issue. On android keeps crashing.... ☹️

Anytime it does good

It follows it with an entire string of crap. Crash, freeze, create impossible scenarios to deal with when very little resources to do something simple like “save”

Good except for...

I love OneDrive and store all my photos in it. My one suggestion is please, please, please, for my sanity, add an “Empty Recycle Bin” button.

Total invasion of privacy.

I’ve never use this app nor enabled it and yet this past weekend it uploaded my pictures to it, then notified me of the upload as though it was a neat thing.


why force sign in again and one more?!

Last Update Issues

Since the last update, I'm not able to access all of my files from the app on my phone. I can access them from the app on my Surface and if I use the web browser. But when I try to access certain folders from the app on my phone, the app freezes and shuts down. I see others are having similar issues. Microsoft needs to do better with responding to their issues. There are other alternatives like Google One Drive and Apple's own storage options. Plus, if you happen to have Microsoft 365 subscription, you can dump them for Google Suite. Microsoft, we have options. Fix your stuff.


It’s a decent product but the most annoying bug is that a lot of times when scrolling through files it selects those files. When scrolled with files selected, it moves those files to different folders without you even knowing. If you have lists of folders being displayed, good luck finding those files back because you have no idea where they were moved.

One drive

All I one storage place!

Eliminate your thumb drive forever!

Yes - no more thumb drives - awesome!! Now let’s get some work done!!


why is my cloud not being updated on my files/folders on the app but it updated on the desktop

Bad program that won’t stop

I can’t make this crazy thing to stop downloading photos that I have deleted. It just recreates them and then I get your storage is full pay for more. I spent 3 hours going thru all my photos and deleted 2000. Surprise there back!!!

First in Show

Everything works as advertised, fast, convenient, intuitive. Highly recommended.

One Drive

I have one drive for over one year, have not encountered any problem. Very user friendly and essential for me to pull up my important documents when I’m not around my computer. I just use my phone. Thanks.

Suddenly just doesn’t work

Initially i really liked the tool as it enabled syncing across all devices. Unfortunately it randomly stopped logging me in one day and I’ve never received a response from customer support so I’m moving on to Dropbox.

Storage on phone

Cost money to keep this striating my phone. Use computer is best options I think

Good pack, sh|&t service

Guys, you have a great pack. This kid the second time I’m trying hard to leave Dropbox, but you always let me down. App is very badly made, keep “loosing”files and folders simply vanish being only accessible by the site. Can't migrate to a service that is so unreliable like this, I payed to move all my data to onedrive, and today I was at uni, uploading some stuff, and the whole folder vanish.. from nothing... On mac is the same, app don't support sync in a external drive. Why you make onedrive so sh@t like that? You have everything to take over the cloud services, just make this service RELIABLE!

A Convert from Dropbox

I had been a Dropbox pro user and converted to OneDrive recently. I am a user of Office365 Home which gives up to 6 users 1 TB of OneDrive cloud storage along with the Office apps. I am able to use OneDrive across all my device platforms from iphone, ipad, Android phones, and notebooks and to keep the data sync'ed. I was forced to convert from Dropbox when I bought my Surface Book 2 with limited drive space and needed the cloud to offload my data from the Surface. I am given choice to offload some or all of the data with OneDrive. With Dropbox pro, I was not able to offload selective data to the Dropbox cloud AND to keep them sync'ed on their Windows 10 desktop version of their software. They have a smart sync feature, but to have this on the Windows 10 desktop would require me to upgrade my $100 per year for Dropbox pro to professional at a cost of an additional $100 per year. They denied this feature for their Windows pro customers. Their customer marketing target does not seem to low end consumers like me. This perception comes from having had customer support dialog with them. OneDrive as offered with Office365 cost me no more than the cost of Office365 Home at under $100. It is great for family with need of the Office apps as 6 users are enabled. For me, nothing was lost in my conversion from Dropbox. I have found some enhancements which I did not find with Dropbox, at least at the time. I have a ability to annotate pdf files extensively within the OneDrive app itself; moving files between folders is a simplier drag and drop; a photos icon seems to aggregate my photos from my folders on the cloud (this is in addition to the picture folder containing just my camera roll); scanning documents is just as easy, but seems more reliable in framing the document edges. With more notebooks or tablets containing limited onboard drive space on the market, cloud storage becomes more necessary to be productive across all devices. I have found OneDrive to be great and currently cost effective as bundled with Office365 Home. I hope it remains so.

Not designed for productivity

Crashes all the time. Offline files don't open when offline. No "shortcuts" or "favorite" to save folders and files you frequently visit. No useful improvement for long time. Very unfortunate for a very promising app.

Update broke app

So after the most recent update my camera roll upload started making new folders for the pictures being uploaded. They're no longer in one folder but now are being split up in to folders by date. I have to manually move all the pictures to the root folder.

Easy to use

I use it almost daily. Great for storing and saving items.

Files won’t save onto my iPhone!

I am a photographer and I like to text pictures to friends sometimes that I have taken, but when I try to save a picture from my OneDrive it won’t save to my phone. Please fix this Microsoft, thanks.

Good structure, useful functionality but needs interface updates

Enable 3D press or “swipe left/right” in the file list to delete, move, etc. Also sharing is cumbersome.

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